What is the lodging like?
This is a house camp. It is held in our home, a large place on a couple acres out in the woods just north of Nashville proper. The beds are bunk style and each room houses up to six people. There are regular bathrooms and a shower (Everyone shares a shower and yes, you do have to do some strategic scheduling, but it generally works out just fine.) in the house as well as a cabin on the property with bunks and a shower. The bunks are comfortable and we provide all the bedding and towels. But make no mistake, it is a house and therefore you will be sharing your space with other people. That is what makes this camp so special. Many of the instructors will be staying in the house with you and you will get to actually spend quality time with everyone involved.

What are the Age Parameters for Camp?
You must be 18 years or older to attend camp.

Are there rooms available for couples?
Currently, we do not have rooms available for couples, or single, unshared rooms. However, you are welcome to put up your own tent in a flat shady area in the yard. You would pay the full lodging price and have access to all the showers and the full three meals a day, etc.

If I Don't Get in to the On-site Lodging or Would Rather Have a Little More Space to Myself, Where Should I Stay?
The closest hotel is the Deerfield Inn in Greenbrier, TN. It is nothing fancy but it's close (5 minute drive), clean, and comfortable. Tell them the music camp sent you. Prices are very reasonable. Also, any hotel in Goodlettsville, TN (which is a little closer to civilization) is about a 12 minute drive and there are several familiar chain hotels available. We also recommend an Air BnB in Madison called "Between Flatt and Scruggs" which has musically historical significance and is a perfect location between camp and downtown Nashville. If you choose to stay off-site, you are still welcome to participate in every single camp activity, day or night. You will be responsible for your own breakfast and dinner but can stay and jam at camp as late as you'd like. If you would like to have all your meals at camp but stay off-site, that's an extra $50 (or $25 for just dinners) and you can choose those options when you pay.

What If I Have Food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?
Just let us know. We'll work with you. When it comes to allergies, we'll make sure you're safe while you're here. If you are vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, carb-counting, non-GMO, or otherwise, we totally respect your decision but we are small camp with an even smaller kitchen staff. To be safe, you should consider bringing some "go-to" foods to have on hand and we'll make room in the fridge.

When Should I Arrive?
If you're driving yourself to camp, arrival time is any time after 5 p.m. on Thursday evening. If you are a day camper you're welcome to stop in Thursday evening but it's not necessary. You can arrive before the start of classes Friday morning at 9 a.m. If you are flying in, please schedule a flight that arrives after 5 p.m. on Thursday evening, send us your itinerary, and we'll come get you from the airport! There is no public transportation and taking a cab from the airport is an expensive option. Uber is a great alternative and if your flight is really late or you won't be able to fit in the airport pickup parameters for some other reason, we would suggest getting an Uber up to camp. Address and directions can be found on the Essentials page.

When Should I Plan my Escape?
Please plan your departure flight for after 3pm on Sunday, if you'd like a ride to the airport. If you are driving yourself out of camp, expect to be done and heading out around 1pm.

Do I Need to Be Able to Read Music or Tab?
No. Most camp classes are "call and response" style so the most important thing you need is a desire to learn and the patience to know that sometimes you might not process every piece of information the week of camp. That's OK, just bring a recording device and you can enjoy learning and revisiting the information all through the year after camp!

What Level Player Should I Be Before I Can Attend?
We like for all campers to be able to pick a few tunes already and to be able to play basic rhythm. If you're a brand new beginner this might not be the best place for you. However, we want everyone to get something out of camp so we try to tailor classes to your ability. If you are feeling overwhelmed during camp, or maybe like things are going too slow (either way!), let us know and we will work to fit you into a more appropriate class.  

What's the scoop with refunds and final payment and all that?
Here's the deal. We are pretty tough on this part because with the camps being so small and there being waiting lists for just about every camp we host (Thank you for that, we're so grateful for the interest!) we have to be pretty strict about refunds and balances being paid on time. This allows us to continue to get the greatest teachers in all the land and notify those people on the waiting list in time for them to make travel arrangements.

*Deposits are due at registration. Your spot is not secure until your deposit is paid. 

*Camp fee balance is due 60 days before camp starts. You will get plenty of notice and reminding.

*Deposits are non-refundable. 

*If you pay the whole balance at the time of registration but need to cancel, you will be refunded your fee, minus the non-refundable deposit, as long as you cancel before 60 days prior to camp. 

*If you need to cancel within the 60 day prior to camp mark, we will not be able to refund your money. We will endeavor to use your camp fee to help scholarship a camper who might need a little extra financial assistance to attend camp. 

*If you do not pay your balance by the deadline, your spot will be given to another camper and your deposit will not be refunded.